The Queen

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I have been in the Music world in one form or another most of my life; but my heart belongs to radio.
Radio is a drive that can not be explained at times but the desire to relate to that audience is always there. I prefer two wheels rather than four and can be seen in usually any kind of weather flying down the highway on my Harley.
In the studio I feel most alive feeling the music and loving the new as well as the old. Music is, after all, the Universal language.
There is nothing better than giving things away to an eager listener or being able to make someone smile with their favorite song. I am also a playwrite, Musician and Artist and when not in the studio I am either writing a song, painting a canvas or finding something else to get into.. Mischevious .. yes! Sincere ….. Definitely! Optimistic …… Usually! Life is a fascinating journey and we should grab all the music we can while we’re here. The Classics are our roots … where our heart and soul is. Time stands still when Classic Rock takes the stage.